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It's really for 12 and older? A 5 year old could play this. It is not scary!!!!!!! This game is the exact opposite of fright. : (


I am just 8 years old but epic! I will sue people who did a bad review!!!

Wast of time

Boring it is not scary at all do not get this app

Its 'ight

I like the game though nothing really scary

Worst game ever!!!!!

There is no point in this game!!! I really wanted to get The Scream, but u have to be over like 18 to play, so I got this game instead. If I paid for this game, I would've been calling up this company a bd demanding a refund. I can't even get past level 1! How the choclate chips do u collect the key. I want scary games, not stupid! DO NOT WASTE UR TIME!!!!!!!!


If you're going to make a game for children, say so in the description. Don't waste your time if you have you have any sort of maturity.

Bad game

All i new was when i started playing i new it was going to be bad and a huge supries was the most BORING game i had played ):P

Waste of time

Bad graphics needs more scare

Pretty good!

Needs better textures, blood or red-flash effects when hit, scarier monsters than skeletons, no jack-o-lanterns, better spider webs, randomly placed dead bodies, body parts, blood splatters, etc. The body parts can move as soon as they get to the very edge of your screen, and also have mannequins and statues that just appear (and disappear) in random places. Just have a time system instead of a score system, and remove the candies. Have the time be the score, and also have a survival mode where you're running through an infinite maze, with high survival times being the high scores. Add a scoreboard for both, and have enemies not stop following you once they start, but make it possible to lose them around tricky parts of the maze. Also, add a sensitivity setting for the movement stick, and a battery life for the flashlight. Make it possible to find new batteries scattered across every level. I know you can add all this. If the game didn't show as much effort, I wouldn't have posted any of this, I would have just put two stars and saying "It's okay, but it needs some things." This is valid for being 2.0 of your game, not just 1.1, if you add it all.

This is a good game! Its scary too, i really recommend getting this game!!

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